Adobe and Office 365 - Access

How to access to Office 365 online and Adobe Creative Cloud

1) Open a browser

Once opened, direct your browser to, and select "Sign in" on the top right.

2) Login

Enter your email address (school email address) and press the Tab key.

3) Authenticate

Your browser will redirect to the Office365 login page. You will need to enter your email address again and your one-time password (sent to you by email)

4) Set your password

If this is the first time you authenticate with Office365 (with your school email address) you need to change your password (must be different than the one-time password, at least 8 characters long, and contain some capitals and numbers/symbols). Keep this password in a safe place!

5) Stay logged in?

If you want to stay logged in on the current browser, answer "yes" to the next question.

6) Enjoy!

If all goes well, you should get a screen similar to this one. You can either work online (Creative Cloud) or download the applications to install in your computer (Download Apps).

Problems? Cannot access? Send an email (with a screenshot) to: