GoGuardian Teacher Account

Create your First GoGuardian Teacher Account


Go to goguardian.com

Select "for Teacher"


A new webpage will appear. Click Sign-in

Choose Google

You will have different options to select, please select the following option

Log in with Google

Your School Account

In this step you can have some options

  1. If you are already sign in into your google account - your school account, select that option

  2. If you are not sign in select the bottom option and add your google account - school account


After this step your GoGuardian teacher account will appear. You will see 1 classroom with a big G on it

This is your homeroom classroom with ALL your kids in this GoGuardian Classroom.

It looks like this (but with only ONE class that has a G on it)

Start a Session

Click on this "G" Class to start a GoGuardian Session

You can see your students activity

When you start a session this is what you see in your browser.

Your kids names, what they are browsing in that moment, and what tabs they have open

There are many features you can use to make this tool a very useful one for your classroom.

When you are done, end the session and a summary will appear.

ENJOY your GoGuardian Teacher Account!

Want to know how to do something? Send a request to office@albertasdaedu.org