PS Registration - Data Delivery

How to deliver data from the Registration portal to PS SIS

Step 1 - Login to PS Registration Admin Portal

Login to the admin Registration portal; here, you will have access to view your school's submission.

If you have any difficulties accessing the PS Registration portal, please send an email to:

Step 2 - Select the appropriate form

Under the Forms section, select the current year's enrollment form.

Step 3 - Select records for approval

Once you have selected your submissions, decide how you want to deliver them to PS SIS (By grade, by some flag, etc) and select the records you want to approve.

Step 4 - Approve records

After selecting the record(s) you want delivered to PS SIS, click the Tasks button and select APPROVE.

Step 5 - Process Approval

A window with the number of processing, processed, and skipped (failed) records will appear. Once the approval process is complete, close the window.

Step 6 - Pending Delivery

After you have approved the records, you can see them under the Approved view. They will no longer be visible in the Pending Approval view (which is the default view).

When you select the Pending Delivery view, all approved records awaiting delivery will show.

Step 7 - Start delivery process

To start the delivery process, be sure to select the Pending Delivery view. Filter the approved content by tags, grade, or any other criteria (filtering by grade is most recommended). Once all desired records are selected (to be sure, click the check boxes), open the Tasks menu.

Step 8 - Start your delivery batch

Once in the task menu, click on Deliver Data. This will ONLY be visible in the Pending Delivery view.

Step 9 - Confirm Batch Work

A pop-up window will ask for confirmation to work with the delivery batch.

Click Cancel if you want to make changes.

Click Continue to start working on the delivery batch.

Step 10 - Delivery Batch

  1. Click on Create Delivery Batch.

  2. A pop-up window will show the records' progress.

  3. Close the window.

Step 11 - Work on each record

On top, you will see the number of records in the batch and on which record you are working with.

On the left, you will see the registration data from the form (as parents/guardians entered and you polished).

On the right, you will see existing PS data.

The match button will show you possible SIS matching records.

The Match button is very important!

  • Yellow - possible matching record in PS SIS

  • Grey - no matching record found in PS SIS (usually indicates new kids)

  • Green - matching record exists in PS SIS

Yellow and grey buttons are most common.

Step 12 - Match Records with PS SIS

When you have a YELLOW button you will have the choice to select the corresponding record from PS.

The possible match from PS will appear in a pop-up window.

If you don't find any match in the list, click No Match.

If you do, select the submission you are CERTAIN is the match, then click Close.

This is important! You do NOT want duplicate records in your database.

Step 13 - Review and Edit

You can transfer existing PS SIS data to Registration program data by clicking the green arrows.

If you want the Registration data to overwrite PS SIS data, leave the field highlighted in yellow. The data from the left will then be transferred to PS SIS.

Remember, you can update and fix other records in your batch using the arrows up top.

Step 13B - Glitch in the System (workaround)

These particular fields (Student Email, enroll_status, EntryDate, ExitDate, and SchoolID) are VERY IMPORTANT. Records won't transfer to PS if these fields are left blank.

If the record has a match in PS, just click the little green arrow to fill in the value.

If the record is new (NO match in PS), you will need to fill out these fields by hand (this will be patched).

Step 14 - Deliver Data

After you match your records and all changes necessary are applied, click on Deliver Record and manually select the next one or click Deliver & Continue. When you get to the last record of the batch, click on Close Delivery Batch to deliver the data to PS SIS.

Step 15 - Data Delivered

A window will pop up once the Data Delivery has begun. Once complete, feel free to close the window.

CONGRATULATIONS!!! Now, your Registration data is in PowerSchool.