How to Create a Parent Account - PS

Create a PowerSchool Parent account

Letter From School

As a parent you should have a letter like this from your school with

  1. Website
  2. Access ID and Access Password
  3. One letter for each student you have in school

Open a Browser

Open a browser (Google Chrome/Internet Explorer/Mozilla Firefox) and type in the address section (url)

The following should appear

It is Important that Student & Parent Sign title should show at the top.

If it is your first time please select the tab Create Account

If you already have a PS account - please see another tutorial

Create Account Tab

When you select this tab the following will appear, please click on Create Account

Creating your account

When you click on Create Account the following window will come up to fill out your and your student information.

Important: Save and keep the “Desired Username” and the “password” you created. We cannot recover your password.



Please, after entering all your student(s) in this page with their own access ID and Password click Enter

Almost there!

After pressing “Enter” the system will prompt you to log in with your new account (your username and password that you just created) to PowerSchool


After signing in with your new credentials you are in PS and can access your student(s)information and to RYCOR - your school online payment system

  1. Your Student (you will find more names if you have linked more students to your account)
  2. You can see Grade and Attendance
  3. You can see Attendance History
  4. You can see School Calendar
  5. You can Access Rycor - under Pay School Fees

Need another tutorial?