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Creating New School Year - And Terms.webm

New School Year, and Terms

Expression: How to find the section schedule code

Expression: How to find the codes

Change Grade Level.webm

Change Grade Level

Elementary - Historical Grades.webm

Historical Grades - Elementary

Teacher ID: How to find it in PS

Teacher ID: How to find it in PS

How to Find TERM ID

How to Find Term ID

Elementary - Historical grades with mix classes (terms and year long).webm

Historical Grades- Elementary - mix term long classes

Change Name - Admin.webm

Change Name - Admin portal

How to Import your Sections (Master Schedule)

How to Import Master Schedule File

Term ID Field - for Importing master schedule.webm

Term ID Field - before importing Master Schedule

Missing Mailing Address PASI Error - PS Fix.webm

PASI Missing Mailing Address

Missings Citizenship - PASI.webm

PASI Missing Citizenship

PowerTeacher Pro

PowerTeacher Pro - Grade Scale on Assignment.webm

How to Add Grade scale on Assignments (K-3 specific)

How to reset your PowerSchool teacher password.webm

How to change your Password (before expires) in Teacher Portal